Volkswagen Arteon Shown Flirting

2019 VW Arteon
2019 VW Arteon

Volkswagen Show New Arteon Concept – Volkswagen seeks to change the image as a troubled vehicle manufacturer related to diesel emission scandal. Therefore, it was recently reported that the German car maker was releasing a picture of its future sedan, Arteon. This car is claimed to be the next generation and replace the CC (Comfort Coupe) and Phaeton who position above the Passat for the price and features embedded.

Please note that in fact Arteon itself is a combination of two words namely ‘Art’ which describes the beauty of shadow and ‘Eon’ which defines the premium model of W. Related to that, the VW itself will reportedly plan to introduce this Arteon concept car in the event Geneva Motor Show held in the upcoming Maashe 2017.

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volkswagen arteon rear quarter
Volkswagen Arteon Rear Quarter

For specifications, Arteon itself is known to be present by adopting some typical design from CC. As a typical coupe car, CC is not directed to sell a lot. But through CC, VW wants to show a mini-style sedan with a small seat on the back, limited headroom, and suitable luggage capacity and fitting.

In addition, the VW itself revealed that this Arteon will no longer be present with a window frame as in CC. However, it is said that for the trunk will be larger and the appearance of the design will show a very expressive impression.

“This new sedan is a revolutionary version of the MLB architecture that has been used on the Passat model for the European market and other vehicles. The car that will make this international debut will be like the 2018 CC model, “said the VW statement as quoted from Autoblog.

Well, for the kitchen sector runway from the Areton specification, many predict that Arteon itself will rely on a hybrid engine where the machine will collaborate between the gasoline engine V6 with electric motors. On the other hand, for the wheels sector will be using Alloy material diameter of 19 inches and LED lights Matrix and also equipped with indicator lights that use the distinctive style of Audi.

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