How To Take Care Of Android Battery To Not Be Broke Fast!

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Batrai Android

How To Take Care Of Android Battery To Not Be Broke Fast! Who does not have Android in 2017? Smartphones that initially only became secondary needs by many of these people now have become a mandatory or primary necessity that must be owned by everyone. Both mothers, fathers or children. With the Android, we can access everything just in hand.Behind the convenience that Android gives, it does not mean he has no shortcomings.

One of the shortcomings of Android is very difficult to overcome and most experienced by users is the fast android battery Error. So from that, I took the initiative to write this article so that you who are still in using Android can take care of your Android battery so durable and not quickly damaged. Well after wide-open we just topic discussion.

How to Take Care of Android Battery

1. Do not be placed in a hot place

Conscious or not when we put the Smartphone that we have on a hot surface it will make the smartphone screen that we have will be dimmer. Plus if you let android that you have exposed to sunlight, it will simplify the android become overhead which certainly makes the android battery that we have become quickly damaged.

2. Do not Play Smartphones Until Heat

The second thing that we should avoid that the android battery that we have not quickly broken is never to play up to overhead Smartphones. This is very often done by ordinary people, they are too cool to play android they have, to forget the battery limits android itself. (usually done by Mobile Gamers)

3. Do not Swear while Playing the Game

Again mobile gamers who get hehe, believe do not believe when you play a Mobile Game while hitting, the Smartphones battery that you have will faster break. Because the battery will be confused with regulating the incoming currents and currents that must be removed. Contents have been my own experience in 2015, I almost 4 times replace the Samsung Galaxy Young battery that I have due to play the game COC while charging the battery.

4. Do not Charge Battery Over Power

The next thing you have to do to take care of your favorite android battery does not overcharge the battery. Every Android has its own limit of charging in one day, if you are too often charge, then the battery you have will quickly Soak because it has exceeded the limit of its use. So use that Android you have the reason.

5. Do not Put Android in Places That Can not Flow Heat

Actually, this statement is not my pure statement, I got this statement from the YouTube channel jalantikus, I myself at first very not believe this. But after I tried it really works. The purpose of the place that can not get the heat is the mattress and sofa. When we are charging the battery, of course, Android we have will receive heat from the power source, well the problem is when we put the android in a place that can not drain the heat. Of course, the heat will settle in the battery itself, the effect will slow the charging process and certainly make the battery life we are shorter. (This is really what I experienced).

6. Do not Charge Battery While Sleep Remained

The next way you should do to care for your favorite smartphone does not battery while in sleep. Although the era has been increasingly sophisticated, and a variety of Android is equipped with auto cut-off when the battery you guilty is full, does not mean you can at will in the battery charge. Because it is not recommended and will trigger an overhead on the surface of the smartphone, which will certainly trigger your battery quickly damaged and bulging. In order for your loved android battery can last for years it’s good you charge the battery when the power has reached 30% and pull it when it is filled to 80-99%. It aims to keep your smartphone battery cycle.

7. Do not Let Android Battery Empty

When we allow the battery of Android in the maximum state continuously is not very good, what else we always put the battery in a charge that aims to not reduce the battery when played. However worse thing is to let the android battery that we have to cut (in-state power 0%). Because when we let it happen then there will be cells from batteries that are damaged and can not be refilled. So do not be surprised if more and more android battery that you have increasingly wasteful.

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